One last note in the symphony of terror 2016 has been

2016 ends with shocking news – another terrorist attack claimed by the Islamic State happened in a club in Istanbul right in New Year’s night. A symbolic act ending the old year with sadness and horror and beginning the new one with a shadow of threat and the fear of what is about to come.
The attack was committed against international tourists celebrating in the popular club Reina in Istanbul. 39 victims, at least 26 of them non-Turkish, have been reported by the Turkish police mainly coming from Saudi-Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Tunisia and Morocco. An attack symbolizing that the Western society is not the Islamic State’s only enemy but that it is the whole world and all its people celebrating together in freedom and peace.
The attack was claimed by the IS itself and not as usual by the propaganda agency “Amaq” which leads to the assumption that the attack was planned by the militia itself and not by one of their lonely wolfs. Sources report about parallels between this attack and the one in June at Istanbul’s Atatürk-Airport which could indicate an IS-cell operating in this region.
On the 1st January 2017, IS-leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi called up for further attacks in Turkey which creates the fear that the country that was shattered by numerous attacks and political issues in 2016 will not come to rest in the new year.
In these threatening times, the world needs to stand together to fight international terrorism and to defend peace and freedom for all citizens no matter of their belief or nationality, to make 2017 a peaceful and respectful year.

One last note in the symphony of terror 2016 has been

Article written by Katrin Engels (ENU, 9th generation)

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